Dalziel + Scullion

The Ecology of Place

Our work explores mankind’s relationship with nature and how we interact with the ecology of the earth. It is widely agreed that mankind is at a critical point in our collective history where our philosophical, political and economic drivers have taken us to a point of ecological and humanitarian crisis.

We believe that new ideas and ways of living will be born out of revolutionary attitudes towards nature, and that - like the Copernican revolution - when the earth was revealed not to be at the centre of our universe, we need to awaken to the fact that the earth does not revolve around mankind.

Our co-existence as equal entities reliant and bound to everything else seems a long way off in our social and philosophical development. Our studio strives to challenge existing attitudes towards nature and reawaken audiences to a wider ecology that encompasses both the abundance and limitations of the earth's bounty.

We have extended the scope of our practice from gallery works and site-specific artworks to look at the ecology of place and how artworks and art concepts can help regenerate and revitalise areas aiding the development of sustainable local communities, as well as nurturing relationships with the land and its wider ecology.


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