2006 / This is the third collaboration between musician and composer
Craig Armstrong and Dalziel + Scullion. A three screen video installation
shows over 240 video portraits shot in the city of Glasgow and is
accompanied by Craig Armstrong's composition Memory Takes My Hand.
For the museum exhibitions Berlin musician AGF remixed the music.
The work looks at the shortness of human life set against the backdrop
of the earth spinning in its orbit. D+S converted a telescope motor
and engineered this and a large format camera tripod to connect to a high
definition video camera. Portraits were filmed in offices, shops, streets,
bars, hair salons, nursing homes, swimming pools, parks and factories
throughout the city creating a unique portrait of the city and it's inhabitants.

Duration / (for single screen) 41 minutes and 45 seconds,
with music by Craig Armstrong

*requires Quicktime Player

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